Friday, May 28, 2010

Recent additions to the collection 28th. May 2010

c.1910. Signed. Luie Chadwick. Girl with peacock feathers.

c.1910. Signed. Luie Chadwick. Girl in green hat.

c.1910. Signed E Gregon. Boy in sailor suit.

c.1905. Signed. Lionel (Hugh) Heath. Unknown lady.

c.1840. Louis Francois Aubry. Monsieur Rivio, opera singer.

c.1799. N. Freese. The Hon. Mary Ann Adams.

1789. Signed and dated. Horace Hone. Unknown Lady.

1651. Signed and dated. Samuel Cooper. Possibly Richard Cromwell.

The enamel back of the above Samuel Cooper original frame.

c.1640. Signed. John Hoskins. Charles I.

Please note that the above miniatures will not be in the book publication of the collection

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  1. Lovely Acquisitions! If you haven't come across them already there are a couple of nice links on the Heath family online. They were quite a family of miniaturists. Dudley was extremely insightful in his writings about miniature art and especially his comments about the role(s) of proper miniature art societies. - I see this page has your miniature featured near the bottom.