Saturday, March 28, 2009

17th Century Miniatures

c.1695 Peter Cross. Signed.
Anne Finch, Duchess of Winchelsea.

1687 Jacques Antoine Arlaud. Signed and Dated.
Louis, Grand Dauphin of France.

c.1685 Susan Penelope Ross. Signed. Henry Paget.

c.1675 Nicholas Dixon. Signed. Lady of the Compton Family.

c.1670 Mary Beale. Nell Gwynne

c.1665 Franciscek Smiadecki. Unknown Gentleman

c.1660 Thomas Flatman. Signed. Unknown gentleman.

c.1660 Thomas Flatman. Thomas Bransby.

c.1658 Jean Petitot. Charles as P.O.W. (later CharlesII)

1654 John Hoskins. Signed and dated. Unknown Gentleman.

1652 Samuel Cooper. Signed and dated. Bridget Cromwell.

1651 John Hoskins. Signed and dated. Mary Cromwell.

Back of original frame of Samuel Cooper miniature

1651 Samuel Cooper. Signed and dated. Possibly Richard Cromwell.*

C.1640 John Hoskins. Signed. King Charles I.*

c.1640 Samuel Cooper. Signed. Philip Herbert.

1647 Cornelius Johnson. Baroness Lucy Pelham, nee Sidney.

c.1647 Cornelius Johnson. Lady Dorothy Sidney .

c.1640 Cornelius Johnson. Unknown young Soldier.

1639 Alexander Cooper. Gentleman of the Spottiswoode Family.

c.1638 Jean Petitot. Charles I.

c.1635 John Hoskins. Anne Clifford, Countess of Pembroke.

c.1625 John Hoskins. Sir John Spottiswoode.
Archbishop and Lord High Chancellor of Scotland

c.1637 Peter Oliver. Unknown gentleman.

c.1615 Isaac Oliver. Unknown Lady of the Court. signed

1614 Nicholas Hilliard. Sir Robert Devereux.

* Miniatures acquired after publication of Collection catalogue. 

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