Thursday, May 14, 2009

18th Century Miniatures 1700-1770

1769 Samuel Cotes. Signed and Dated. Julia Cox of the Shergold family.

1765 John Smart. Signed and Dated. Elizabeth Ford.

c.1765 Luke Sullivan. Signed. Unknown Gentleman.

1763. James Jennings. Signed and Dated. Unknown Lady.

1761. Gervase Spencer. Signed and Dated. Unknown Lady.

1759. William Thick(e). Signed and dated. Mr. Nathan Crowe.*

1751. Nathaniel Hone. Signed and Dated. Unknown young girl.

1751. Gervase Spencer. Signed and dated. Lady Louisa Augusta Greville.

1748 Jean Andre Rouquet. Signed and Dated. Unknown Gentleman.

c.1740 Herbert Drouais. Marquise De Chatelet.

1728. Bernard Lens. Signed and Dated. Gentleman of the Compton Family.

c.1720 Jean Andre Rouquet. Signed. Antoine Paris

c.1710 Charles Boit. Signed. Unknown Gentleman

* Miniatures acquired after publication of Collection catalogue.


  1. Roger
    I recognise some of these! Those new to me where a delight to see. Well done

  2. I have a minature Locket picture signed and dated 1778-1860....Jos.Trumbull Barrett. Love to have some info on this person.I love your site. Thank you, Glenda Brantley

  3. Dear Glenda, Thank you for your comment. If you are able to send an image to we will do our best to give you our opinion and any information we might have
    Best wishes