Tuesday, May 26, 2009

18th Century Miniatures 1771-1785

c.1785 James Nixon. Signed. Unknown Gentleman.

 c.1785 William Naish. Trade card on back. Unknown lady.*

c.1785 Abraham Daniel. Unknown lady.*

c.1785 Andrew Plimer. Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire.

c.1785 Richard Cosway. Unknown Lady.

c.1785 George Engleheart. Admiral Beauchamp.

c.1785 Andrew Plimer. Unknown young Lady.

c.1785 Samuel Shelley. Unknown Lady.

c.1785 Samuel Shelley. Unknown Gentleman with initials RJ.

1784 Horace Hone. Signed and Dated. Unknown Gentleman.

1784 Samuel Shelley. Signed and Dated. Thomas Ludbey.

1783 Samuel Shelley. Signed and Dated. Mrs Thomas Ludbey (nee Jane Evans)

c.1780 Marie Anne Fragonard. Unknown young boy.

c.1780 James Nixon. Elizabeth Farren (later Countess of Derby)

c.1780 Jeremiah Meyer. Unknown Lady.

1778 James Scouler. Signed and Dated. Unknown Lady.

c.1775 Pierre Pasquier. Unknown Lady.

c.1775 Ozias Humphry. Lady with initials DL.

c.1775 George Engleheart. Miss Sophia Banks?

1771 Richard Crosse. Captain Robert George Bruce.

1771 Jeremiah Meyer. Mary Caddell (Mrs Robert Bruce)

*Miniatures acquired after publication of Collection catalogue.


  1. To whom does this collection belong to? It's outstanding! Really beautiful. Will you be posting more?

    Best wishes,

    Christy Archibald

  2. Dear Mysterious Collector
    Each image more spectacular than the last.
    A sublime collection.