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19th Century Miniatures 1806-1820

c.1820. Johann Michael Sattler. Signed. Unknown Lady.

c.1820. Charles Bourgeois. Signed. Duchess d'Angouleme, Daughter of King Louis XVI

c.1820. Andrew Robertson. Thomas Greene Esq.

c.1820. John Cox Dillman Engleheart. Unknown Lady.

c.1820. Andrew Plimer. By family descent. Miss Charlotte Plimer (Daughter of Artist). *

c.1820. Aimee Zoe Lizinka de Mirbel. Signed. Duc de Duras.

C.1819. Richard Cosway. Signed. Lord Viscount Petersham (Later 4th Earl of Harrington)

1818. J C D Engleheart. Signed and Dated. Hugh Price.

1818. Michael Moritz Daffinger. Signed and Dated. A Gentleman called Adolf.

1817. Andre Leon Larue, known as Mansion. Signed and Dated. Unknown Gentleman.

1816. Alexander Galloway. Signed and Dated. A Scottish Laird aged 34.

1816. Henry Bone. Signed and Dated. George Bowles.

1815. Peter Paillou. Signed and Dated. Mr. Reddie.

c.1815. Andrew Robertson. Mistress McCallister.

c.1815. Louis Francois Aubry. Monsieur Rivio Baritone in Paris Opera. *

1814. Thomas Richmond. Signed and Dated. Mary Spencer Wynter.

c.1812. Samuel Stump. Signed. Gentleman with initial 'T'.

c.1812. Sir William Newton. Miss Charlotte Cracroft
(Later Lady De Hochepied Larpent)

c.1812. Charles Pierre Cior. Signed. Unknown Lady.

c.1812. Francois Ferriere. Unknown Gentleman.

1810. Mary Ann Knight. Signed and Dated. Fanny, Lady Ponsonby.

c.1810. Anne Mee. Priscilla, Lady Burghersh, Countess of Westmoreland.

c.1810 Henry Jacob Burch. Maria Jane Jackson (later Mrs. C Williams)

c.1810. George Chinnery. Unknown Gentleman.

c.1810. Andrew Plimer. John Jackson.

1809. Madame Dumeray. Signed and Dated. Unknown Gentleman.

1808. Thomas Hargreaves. Signed and Dated. Mr.Leigh.
1808. Jean-Baptiste Augustin. Signed and Dated. Unknown Gentleman.

1807. Thomas Hargreaves. Signed and Dated. Mrs. Leigh.

1807. Jean-Baptiste Augustin. Signed and Dated. Unknown Lady.

1807. Franziska Schopfer. Signed and Dated. Countess Therese Apponyi.

C.1807. Jean-Baptiste Augustin. La Marquise D'Harcourt

1807. Henry Edridge. Signed and Dated. unknown Mother and two Daughters
Watercolour on card.

1807. Henry Bone. Signed and Dated. Mrs John Halkett (nee Anne Todd)

* Miniatures acquired after publication of Collection catalogue.

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