Thursday, November 12, 2009

19th Century Miniatures 1821-1850

c.1850. American School. Charles de Young.

c.1850. Artist's card on rear. Emily Scott. Unknown Lady.

c.1850. Signed. Josef Kriehuber. Unknown Officer.

c.1850 Francois Meuret. Signed. Grandmother of Madame G. Borde.

1847. William Egley. Signed and Dated. Unknown Lady.

c.1845. Robert Thorburn. Unknown Lady.

c.1845. Josef Kriehuber. Signed. Unknown Lady.

c.1845. Cornelius Durham. Unknown Girl.

1842. Aimee Zoe Lizinka de Mirbel. Signed and Dated. Unknown Lady.

c.1841. Edouard de Latour. Signed. Unknown Gentleman.

1839. Edouard de Latour. Signed (added?) Unknown Lady

1839. Pierre Edouard Dagoty. Signed and Dated. Unknown Lady.

1839. Jean Baptiste Isabey. Signed and Dated. Unknown Lady.

1838. Michael Theweneti. Signed. Admiral Duff's Children.

c.1835. Emanuel Peter. Unknown Lady.

c.1835. Frederick Cruickshank. Penciled initials on reverse. Unknown Gentleman.

1834. Alfred Chalon. Signed and Dated. Unknown Lady.

1833. Samuel Stump. Signed and Dated. Unknown Gentleman.

c.1831. Sir William Derby. Signed. George Ralph Abercromby MP.

1831. Daniel Saint. Signed. Mr W R Lawrence.

c.1830. Andre Leon Larue (Mansion). Signed. Louis Philippe, King of the French.

1827. Octavius Oakley. Signed and Dated. Eliza Ransome.

1827. George Dyer. Signed and Dated. Unknown Lady.

1826. Sir William Charles Ross. Signed and Dated. Lady de Hochepied Larpent.
(nee Charlotte Cracroft)

c.1825. Pierre-Edouard Dagoty. Signed. Pierre Francois Guestier.

1825. S. Jacques Marie Le Gros. Signed and Dated. Mrs. Williams.

1823. John Linnell. Signed and Dated. Mrs. Samuel Rogers.

1821. Peter Paillou. Signed and Dated. Miss Leigh Richmond.

1821. Sir William Derby. Signed and Dated. Lady Julia Peel (Prime Minister's Wife)

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