Thursday, November 12, 2009

Response to Questions

We publish here our response to any email questions about the collection while respecting the privacy of the sender. Other general questions will only be published with the permission of the sender, again not publishing any person's identity. Also if anyone is able to give information on questions we have this would be appreciated.

18th February 2010

Question from Portrait miniature club:

We have been contacted by descendants of Lady Anne and Lady Charlotte Townshend (the double miniature by Andrew Plimer dated c.1795. Does anyone have any knowledge or images of further miniatures of the Townshend family, please? If so, we shall be grateful if you will email us with the information and we shall publish it here. Thank you.

15th November 2009

I am trying to trace miniatures of the townshend group and would like to know more about the charming miniature listed (c.1795 Andrew Plimer. Lady Anne and Lady Charlotte Townshend).

Are the two girls daughters of the second marquess: Lady Harriet Anne who married Edward ferrers & Charlotte who married Cecil Bishop.

Our answer:

These two girls are the daughters of George Townshend, who was the 1st Marquess (1724-1807) and his second wife, Anne Montgomery. Lady Anne married Harrington Hudson of Bessingby Hall, Yorkshire in 1795 and Lady Charlotte married Sir George Osborne, 6th Duke of Leeds in 1797. Sorry for the delay in our reply and we hope this information helps. Best wishes. Portrait Miniature Club

14th November

Please note if you want to contact us please go to the portraitminiatureclub profile and click on the email contact link to send us a message.

13th November 2009

We recently received an email thanking us for listing our collection. This was our reply.

'thank you very much for your kind email, and we are glad that you are enjoying the images of our collection. We are still adding images for the later miniatures. We shall be publishing the book of our collection early next year, which will include even better photographs, showing all the brushstrokes and signatures etc. as well as some new information about certain artists. It is hoped that people will exchange information and opinions through the Portrait Miniature Club that we are in the process of forming, which will be free to any interested party. Thank you again for taking the trouble to write to us. Best wishes. Portrait Miniature Club'

Anyone wishing to receive further updates on the book availability and the formation of the club please register your interest by email. Please note your email address will not be given to any third party.The club is a non profit organisation and any advice or information given by the club is free of charge and is without any liability or guarantee.

ps. Thank you to everyone for your kind comments on this blog

12th November 2009.

We have been asked if the miniature by Jean-Baptiste Augustin of La Marquise d'Harcourt c.1807 has the sitter identity inscribed.

Our Reply:

As regards the miniature that we identify as La Marquise D'Harcourt, we agree that she should not be considered as a serious portrait! We bought her for fun! The miniature is not inscribed with the sitter's name, but we identified her from an image of the same, clothed, sitter in an old exhibition catalogue, where she was named. As you know, there are many versions of her: in the Wallace Collection, described as Unknown girl (fully clothed) in the Manner of Augustin (p.201 of their catalogue), a version by Isabey (fully clothed) and this miniature exhibited at Burlington Fine Arts Club in 1889, Case 36, No. 31, lent by J. Lumsden Propert, and an almost identical version of the sitter in the same pose was painted by Rousseau and pictured in Schidloff's four volume catalogue of miniatures no. 1030, plate 503. Our version, which we have to say appears to us to have a question mark over the artist ( as to whether it is by husband or wife Augustin) came from the Pierpont Morgan Collection and was sold as Lot 745 to Schidloff for the sum of £35.14s. In our opinion, the unmistakable Augustin techniques are there, but in some respects it lacks a finesse that the 'Master' usually displayed.


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