Sunday, November 29, 2009

20th Century Miniatures 1901-1930

c.1930. Signed. Ida Frances Laidman. Unknown Lady.*

c.1930. Signed. Kate Winifred Walker. Mrs. Murray Austin.*

1929. Signed and Dated. Amy Gertrude Chamberlin. Lady reading a letter.*

1923. Signed and Dated.  Miss Lilian Julia Minard. Fair Haired Girl.*

1922. Documented. Ida Frances Laidman. Lady May Cambridge.

c.1921. Signed. Edith Laidman. Unknown Lady.

1921. Signed and Dated. Alyn Williams. Unknown Boy.

1916. Signed and Dated. Constance Ellen Wise. Self-Portrait.

c.1910. Signed. Catherine Brenda Coward. A Lady called Elizabeth.

c.1910. Signed. Ernest Widdas. Unknown Child.

c.1910 Signed. J Barnett. Unknown Mother and Two Daughters.

c.1910. Signed. Annie Gertrude Houle. Gentleman with Initial MK.

c.1910. Signed. Miss Elsie Gregory.  Boy in sailor suit.*

1909. Signed and Dated. Constance Ellen Wise. Artist's Father.

1909. Signed and Dated. Evelina Mary Corbould Ellis. Miss Elsie Fisher.

1908. Signed and Dated. Hannah Elizabeth Smith. Miss Edith Smith.*

1907. Signed and Dated. Ada Whiting. Unknown Lady.

1906. Signed and Dated. Cecil Hobson. Mrs Michael Anglo Tayler as 'Miranda'.

1906. Signed and Dated. Alyn Williams. Mrs Violet Hammersley.

c.1905. Signed. Katurah Collings. Unknown Mother and Child (Photominiature)

1904. Signed. Ernest Rinzi. James Cooper.

1904. Signed and Dated. Edith Maas. Master Thomas Henry Hamilton Perrot Aged 5.

1903. Signed and Dated. Dora Webb. Terrier called Spot.*

1902. Signed and Dated. May Hartog. Marie Lloyd?

1901. Signed and Dated. E S. Unknown Lady.

c1901. Signed. Mathieu Deroche. Two Unknown Girls.

Images marked with * are not in the catalogue of the collection


  1. I am writing an article about people who lived in High Street, Stevenage in 1911 for the Our Stevenage website (run by Herts Library Service). One of these was Eveline Corbould-Evans who - uniquely for everyone on the street - was the only woman to be listed as having a career separate from her husband. Can we include her miniature (above) in the article?

  2. I have a miniature portrait of a girl , inside there is a business card "Portraiture, monogram POE 18th Street San Francisco". Looks like 1920s or 30s. Do you have any information ?