Sunday, December 6, 2009

20th Century Miniatures 1931-present

2003. Signed. Edward Dyas (Graphite on card). HRH Elizabeth, Queen Mother.

2002. Signed. Edward Dyas. Diana, Princess of Wales.

2001. Signed. Elizabeth Meek. Carmela Arturi.

1983. Signed and Dated. William Mundy. James Kelso, Architectural Artist.

1962. Signed and Dated. Vera Katherine Williams. Girl called 'Jeannie'.

1961. Signed and Dated. Artist with Initial TP. Unknown Lady.

c.1955. Signed. Ethel Court. Mrs. Gilbert, Art Collector and Philanthropist.

1945. Signed and Dated. John McDonald Aiken. Master Aiken (Artist's Grandson)

1941. Signed and Dated. Ada Whiting (nee Cherry). Unknown Lady.

1932. Signed and Dated. William Hill-Thomson. Miss Margaret Cossar.

c.1931. Signed. Henry 'Hal' William Lowe Hurst. Gentleman of the National Hunt.

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