Thursday, December 17, 2009

Late Additions

c.1900. Signed. Rosalie maria Emslie. Unknown Lady.

c.1900. Signed. Gertrude Massey. Miss Horton.

1904. Signed. Ernest Rinzi. James Cooper Esq.

c.1863. Reginald Easton. Mrs. Kirkman Finlay (nee Jane Callendar)

1862. Signed and Dated. Cecile Villeneuve. Emma Marie De Polignac.

c.1850. Signed. Francois Meuret. Unknown Lady.

c.1835. Signed. Frederick Cruickshank. Unknown Gentleman.

c.1825. Signed. Pierre-Edouard Dagoty. Pierre-Francois Guestier.

C.1805. Signed. John Thomas Barber Beaumont. Unknown Naval Officer.

1788. Signed and Dated. John Bogle. Unknown Gentleman in Tartan.

1751. Signed and Dated. Gervase Spencer. Lady Louisa Grenville (Aged 8)


  1. Thank you for taking the time to post your delightful collection online! A special thanks for the quality of images that allow for inspection of the details and for including the wide variety of complimentary framing.

  2. I agree this is a fabulous collection, just loved seeing them all and how inspiring to those of us new painters. Thanks for sharing