Wednesday, February 24, 2010


We are pleased to announce the Portrait Miniature Club has now been formed
(Association Loi No. W241001590) and is open for membership.

To join, members email us with their name and country of residence.
They are given a membership number. Email addresses of members are
not given to other parties unless they consent to it.

Miniature dealers may join the Club but may not contact other members
to make sales unless invited to do so, and may not advertise
miniatures for sale.
Members may not contact another to sell miniatures or services without
being invited to do so.

However, we shall be happy to mention those offering a service, such
as consultancy, conservation and framing of miniatures on our site,
providing an email address is given for members to contact the person

Members will be able to:
1. Advertise an exhibition of miniatures.
2. Advertise a book, catalogue or article on miniatures that they have written.
3. Advertise a wish to buy a certain miniature or book on miniatures.
4. Share information about a miniature or artist.
5. Request information about a miniature or artist.
6. Put forward a subject for discussion online.
7. Acquire our book at cost price.

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