Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Services for Collectors

Here we will give details of services offered to collectors by people who have contacted us. Please note we do not offer any guarantee or endorsement.

Conservator Of Portrait Miniatures. Margo Guerrero, Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA


  1. changed my mind lol... Malbone? Need a hint.. american/british or continental artist? ;-)

  2. Ref, Under recognising artist styles and techniques

    Here is a hint Joy.

    Don't change your mind!!

    Well done

  3. LOL thanks :)
    After I wrote the 2nd time I thought my first instinct was right :-)

  4. HI :)
    Well I'd be amazed if I could correctly guess another so quickly, but I'll take a stab at it! ;)
    Could your March.25th eye be painted by the hand of Thomas Sully? I remember reading somewhere that was a signature style of his... to paint large, deep set eyes.-? Fun game :)

  5. aah! Lovely miniature :) Thanks for this fun and educational game!