Monday, June 28, 2010


THE ARTURI PHILLIPS COLLECTION: A catalogue of Portrait Miniatures. Featuring the work of over 130 artists dating from 1588-2004. ISBN 978-2-9536625-0-4. 447 pages all in colour, hardback, printed on art paper, with a double page devoted to each miniature, including full page enlargements showing brushstrokes, signatures, etc. In this book, which we have written for collectors, we discuss our collecting criteria, our experiences in buying miniatures both from auctions and dealers, our techniques for photographing them and our storage solutions. There is also much new information on later artists. Weighing 2.5 KG (5.1/2 lbs) and with a retail price of Euros78 (£65) Please email us or obtain your copy from Thomas Heneage Art Books in London
(email or for Australia copies may be obtained from Armadale Antique Centre (contact through their website

For the United States please obtain your copy from CAP Miniatures New York

Also available for purchase on line at Amazon and W.H. Smith


  1. So EXCITED to have a little sneak peak of your much anticipated and long awaited book :) Cannot wait to get my hands on a copy! It looks to be a fabulous new reference for new and seasoned collector's alike :) congratulations!

  2. Beautiful book guys!Those full page enlargements are mouth-watering to artists, collectors and scholars - what a treat! I can't wait to flip the pages and read the text.

    Wes Siegrist

  3. What a lovely book. I'll definitely look into purchasing a copy. Thank you Wes for directing me to this blog!