Monday, August 2, 2010

Later Miniatures in the Collection (Not in Catalogue)

1893. Signed and dated. Robert Henderson . Master William George Barnes, aged 6

1903 Signed and dated. Mohala Theodora Webb. Jack Russell Terrier called 'Spot'

C.1905 Signed. Kate Earle. Little Girl Holding Flowers

1929 Signed and dated. Amy Gertrude Chamberlin. Lady reading a letter

1959 Signed and dated. Mohala Theodora Webb. Two Poodles

c.1905 Signed. E. Sartori. Unknown Lady

c.1900 Signed A.L. Unknown gentleman

1923 signed and dated. Louis Jules Minard. Girl with fair hair

c. 1950 Signed K.C. Little Girl in yellow ribbon

1947 Signed and dated A.S. A Priest

c.1930 Signed. Kate Winifred Walker. Mrs. 'Katrine' Murray Austin

1908 Signed and dated. Hannah Elizabeth Smith. Miss Edith Smith

c.1890 Signed. Hugh Nicholson. Mrs. C. A. Goodday

1965 Signed and dated. Violet Young. Pekinese called 'Suki' aged 9

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