Friday, October 7, 2011

Annual Exhibition and Special Exhibition - The Royal Miniature Society Opens 10th October

The winning entry for the prestigious Gold Bowl award was Mirage by
Ihtesham Hassan from Pakistan.  He paints in oil on vellum and
watercolour on vellum and his remarkable miniature can be seen on  Over 700 exhibits will be on
display in the beautiful Mall Gallery during the two weeks of the
annual exhibition,  Many of the wonderful exhibits are
for sale, encompassing portraits, animals, wildlife, still life and
all things miniature.  A fantastic way to spend a morning or afternoon
(or some money on a purchase!) for anyone who will be in London over
the next two weeks.

Also there is a stunning display of miniatures from
private collections of british royal personages over of the last 400
years from Elizabeth I to date. 


  1. I so wish I were able to attend this show in person. The accompanying Royal portrait miniature exhibition must also be a rare sight to see. Has there been any word on whether a book might be published of this special exhibit, particularly in view of it's size and scope?

  2. Yes Mona, there will be a coloured catalogue of the special exhibition available. Details to follow. Thank you for your comments, we appreciate it.

  3. omgoodness.... I would LOVE to be there!!! What an amazing day...sigh!

  4. Inch by inch one of the world's most valuable paintings is on view in London until October 23rd. See comment posted on ' a visit to the Royal Miniature Society Exhibition'