Friday, January 27, 2012

Dictionary of Miniature Painters 1870-1970

The book is 295 pages A4 and lists over 2300 miniature painters working between 1870 and 1970 with lots of additional and previously unpublished information about many of them.  After the dictionary section there are over a hundred pages in full colour showing the work of some of the artists painting during this time and a section on Photominiatures and Monograms and Signatures.

This book is available from 2nd March price £65 and can be obtained directly by emailing us or through Amazon or in USA from 


There will be an exhibition in London of later miniatures from 21st. to 27th. March.  The book will also be available at the Gallery during the exhibition.  


  1. Congratulations Arturi!! What an accomplishment indeed!!! A must-have book for many!!

    Was there a particular reason you ended it at 1970, or dare I ask if you envision a second volume?

    cheers from Mona

  2. Thank you Mona. We are planning on writing more books but not a second volume to this book. It is just that for the hundred years 1870 to 1970 there has been very little information available on the artists working during this period. There were many talented artists who painted exceptional and beautiful miniatures but are generally unknown. We hope this book will make later miniatures more collectible.

  3. Welcome back guys and congratulations on finalizing what is sure to be a fabulous addition to any miniature art lover's library! We cannot wait to add it to ours so please reserve us a copy!

    Thanks too for helping to bring about more interest in the continued vitality of miniature painting. Too many tend to consider the loss of the miniaturists' functional market to photography as the end of this endearing art form which is clearly not the case as your book will document.

    With appreciation, Wes

  4. Thank you both for your support and encouragement. The book is being printed in Lithuania, once it arrives here one will be winging it's way to you!

  5. Thank you Emma. Looking forward to your exhibition in March

  6. If your new book is anything like the last one it will rapidly become a collectors item. Congratulations and best wishes. Bill.

  7. Thank you Bill that is very kind of you and thank you for allowing us to include you magnificent miniature of 'Bandarh Singh'