Sunday, October 19, 2014


The RMS is holding its annual exhibition in The Mall Galleries, London SW1 (just off Trafalgar Square).   With about 600 exhibits including miniatures, sculptures and painted boxes, it shows off the incredible talents of living artists from all over the world, with most of the items on display for sale.  Prices range from the low hundreds to several thousand pounds.   

Not only is it a wonderful exhibition - and it is free entry - but there are practical demonstrations with opportunity to talk to artists about their work and see them painting. As usual, there is an exclusive range of well-priced greeting cards for sale.  A fantastic way to spend a few hours.

This year the new President of the Society, Rosalind Pierson, takes over from the much-loved and revered artist, Elizabeth Meek.  With impeccable timing, Rosalind managed to win the foremost award this year 'The Prince of Wales Award for Miniature Painting'.  

Our own award went to Suzanne Bradley, who makes a speciality of painting animals.  We could not resist 'Murphy' for its excellence.  

Murphy by Suzanne Bradley

Why not call in if you are in London?  The exhibition is open 10.00 - 5.00 daily until Sunday 26th October 2014 (closing 1.00 p.m. on final day).

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  1. Hey, this exhibition was extremely stunning. I had attended this with my students. Actually I am an Aboriginal Art painter and also teach this painting style to others. My students were truly inspired by this event.