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THE LAIDMAN SISTERS : Ida Frances Laidman (1878-1962) and Edith Annie Laidman (1880-1943)

Following additional research by living descendants of the Laidman family, it has now been established that the two miniature painters, Ida and Edith, had a sister, (Charlotte) Mary and two brothers, the Rev. William Ernest and the eldest, George Henry Laidman (born 1871 in India).  George became a Civil Engineer and married May Constance Hovenden in Salisbury, Rhodesia in 1919.  None of the sisters married and it is thought that the Rev. William also remained single.

Further information has now come to light regarding these two artists with the exciting discovery by collector, Warren Kundis, of a miniature of 'Mary' Laidman (1874-1954) by her sister Edith.

Miniature of 'Mary' Laidman (1874-1954)

Warren has kindly allowed us to use his images and we are grateful to him for this.

Although the 'signature' on this miniature is not the artist's, the backing sheet confirming the identity of the sitter and  the artist is genuine.

It is believed that Edith probably 'signed' the miniature with a monogram EAL and at a later date someone unknown altered it to read E. Laidman. 
 Edith's genuine signature is also shown below.

Not only do we now have an image of Mary, who as far as we know was not an artist herself, but this miniature also calls into question the identity of another miniature by Edith, previously unknown, which could possibly be a self portrait.  Certainly the striking combination of blue eyes, dark chestnut brown hair and fine features shared by the sitters in both these miniatures is very suggestive of a close family connection.  
The miniature, possibly of Edith, came from her sister, Ida's, Estate

Possible self-portrait? by Edith Annie Laidman

A photograph of an elderly Ida Laidman

A miniature of Mrs. Charlotte Laidman (nee Smith) the artists' mother by Ida Frances Laidman

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  1. In my miniature portrait collection I have a self portrait by Ida F. Laidman. It is undated, but is inscribed on the back in Ida's handwriting, "Early Self Portrait, Ida F. Laidman, The Studio, 6a Kensington Court, Mews". Also enclosed in the frame is one of Ida's personal calling cards, cut to the same oval size and used as an additional backing card.

    I would be pleased to provide you with photos, if you like.

    Kind regards,
    Michael Tormey