Sunday, November 21, 2010

Ten Modern Day Masterpieces

Who says miniature painting around the turn of the 20th Century was dead? Here are ten miniatures, all painted between 1890-1927 that we would consider exceptional

1901 Miss Mason painted by Ellen Louisa Stansfeld on ivory

1895 Miss Olga Cartwright Dickson painted by Alice Mott on ivory

                   c.1890 Mrs. C. A. Goodday painted by Hugh Nicholson on porcelain

c.1895 Two brothers painted by Lillian Wright on ivory

1907 A Champion Boxer painted by Amy Gertrude Chamberlin on ivory

c.1895 A Young Man painted by Mabel Lee Hankey on ivory

c.1895 Mrs. Yardley painted by Carlotta Nowlan on ivory

1918 Miss Frances Weir Cuthbert painted by Ethel C. Bailey on ivory

c.1910 A Spanish Toreador painted by Miss Blanche Hacker on ivory

1893 Master William George Barnes aged 6 painted by Robert Henderson on ivory


  1. Hi,

    Exceptional is not enough for these true works of art. Afterall an image is worth more than a thousand words.