Monday, January 10, 2011

Dora Webb's Commissions For Queen Mary's Dolls House

The Dolls House is on permanent exhibition at Windsor Castle

Queen Mary, Queen Consort to George V, was fond of anything miniature.

 The King's cousin, Princess Marie Louise, had the idea to give her a
'miniature' present with a difference and commissioned a fabulous
dolls house.  The dolls house was to be a showcase for British artists
and craftsmen and took 1500 artisans three years to complete.  The
house itself - a grandiose four storey structure with working lights
and plumbing - was designed by the great architect Sir Edwin Lutyens
and was built on a scale of 1:12.  It was finished in 1924.

  Tiny rugs were designed and hand woven, leather bound books for the library
included new stories especially written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and
Somerset Maugham, and little bottles of wine for the wine cellar were
filled with the wine indicated on the label.

 The Foyer

The Dining Room

  Amongst the top artists,
miniature painter Mahala Theodora 'Dora' Webb received ten
commissions, including a 3.9. x 2.7 cm (approx 1" x 1.1/2")
portrait of Edward, Prince of Wales. 

Edward, Prince of Wales by Dora Webb
Hung somewhere in the Dolls House!

(The 'ARMS' after her signature referred to her associate membership of The Royal Miniature Society)

 Coming from a family of artists,
and with precocious talent, Dora Webb had a facility for painting
animals and landscapes as well as people

'Spot' by Dora Webb in our collection
painted in 1903

Two Poodles by Dora Webb in our collection
painted in 1959 

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